1. Penguin NAVI by Sunshine Aquarium

  2. McDrive Surprise by McDonalds

  3. Dove: Patches

  4. The Electric Shock Machine by PlayStation

  5. 29 ways to stay creative

  6. Erasing London.

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  7. Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Ad by Pepsi Max

  8. Renovated Billboards by OBI

  9. Next Billboard by Smart

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  10. YouTube Annotations Campaign for Waves 4 Water

  11. Slurp! by Coca-Cola

  12. Get Shaved in the Face by Old Spice

  13. Most Shocking Second a Day Video for Save The Children

  14. Real Life Tinder - Parody of the dating app for Danish television show Søndag Live

  15. Passport Control by Cadbury